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UAN No: 111-372-372


AMETEK Drexelbrook is known throughout the world as a leader in level measurement technology. We've earned our reputation for excellence from over four decades of experience in providing level solutions to virtually every industry...including chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others. Our prestigious position stems from a unique combination of application expertise, innovative product design, and breadth of technology offerings. Drexelbrook pioneered, and continues to advance, RF admittance level instrumentation. Today, we also offer superior ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, hydrostatic, radar, and TDR instrumentation. This comprehensive product offering enables us to provide our customers with the best level or open channel flow measurement solution for any application...from the most basic to the most complex. We pledge to always provide our customers with the best possible recommendation using the measurement technology that is best suited for the application.


1.Point Level Measurement
Point Level RF Admittance Level Measurement

IntelliPoint RF (Line Powered) IntelliPoint RF (Two-Wire) Safety IntelliPoint (Two-Wire) ThePoint (Line Powered) ThePoint (Two-Wire) Z-Tron III ClearLine, In-Line Fluid Detector Multipoint II Dumpstar Plugged Chute Detector Floating Roof Tanks - Spill Prevention
Point Level Vibration Level Measurement

TF-100 Series Vibrating Level Switch
Point Level Ultrasonic Level Measurement

VeriGAP (Line Powered) VeriGAP (Two Wire)
2.Continuous Level Measurement
Continuous RF Admittance Level Measurement

Universal III Smart Check Well RCT RF Universal Lite Drop-In-Displacer² SLT II Universal II Desalter Water Bottoms - RF Level Transmitter
Continuous Ultrasonic Level Measurement

USonic USonic-R Universal Sonic - 505-5100 Series
Continuous Radar Level Measurement

Continuous TDR Level Measurement

The Impulse® Guided Wave Radar, TXXXX Series DR 7100
Continuous Magnetostrictive Level Measurement

DM330 DM330S Sanitary DM231
Continuous Hydrostatic Pressure Level

LEVEL MATE III Level Measurement System 750 Series 750P Series Submersible Pressure Transmitter 751 Slimline 750C Series 375 Series
3.Analytical Products
Analytical Measurements

CM3 Series Cut Monitor CCS4000 Series Sludge Blanket Analyzer CM6 Cut Monitor

Drexelcage LCR3200 Receiver 401-400 Series Single Channel Receiver DLM4000 Series Digital Loop Meter 401-900 Series Universal Process Meter Relays
5.Other Systems
Other Systems

Float Switches Conductivity Switches
6.Wireless Interface Solutions
Wireless Interface Solutions

Wireless Interface Solutions Two Way Monitoring and Control Tube Mount Transmitter / DIN-Rail Receiver Din Rail Transmitter - Receiver Set