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Callibration Equipment

Signal Calibrators

JOFRA AMC910 - Advanced Multi-purpose Calibrator

The AMC910 calibrator offers laboratory grade accuracy, high performance and simple-to-use functionalities. With the optional external pressure modules, the system may be taylored to address all possible calibration needs.
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JOFRA ASM - Advanced Signal Multi-scanner

The ASM series is an eight channel scanner controlled by JOFRACAL software. Up to 3 ASM units can be stacked to calibrate up to 24 sensors simultaneously. Handles signals from 2-, 3- and 4 wire RTD's, TC's, transmitters, thermisters, temperature switches and voltage.
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Kraftfuld nok til at dække alle dine behov for en nøjagtig proces signal kalibrator - lille nok til at finde plads i værktøjskassen. Et solidt test- og kalibreringsinstrument til brug i marken.
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JOFRA CSC200 - Compact Signal Calibrator

The JOFRA CSC200 is engineered for the calibration of temperature instruments offering the abillity to measure and simulate several different types of RTD´s and TC´s. This instrument makes the job easy by utilizing a thermocouple plug for easy connection and can work with 2, 3, or 4 wire RTD´s.
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JOFRA CSC100 - Compact Signal Calibrator

The JOFRA CSC100 is engineered for instrument loop calibrations and is specifically manufactured for 4 to 20 mA loops; however this versatile instrument offers much more than that, as it can source and read current and voltage; including millivolts.
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JOFRA mAcal - mA Loop Calibrator

The JOFRA mAcal mA loop calibrator generates and measures the current in the loop on 2-wire transmitters including 24 VDC loop supply. The built-in functions contribute to control time saving, process optimization, safe measurements and reduced costs.
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Temperature Sensors

The FP product line includes a complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers, measuring inserts, thermo-couples of precious as well as base material, thermocouple wire, extension wire, temperature transmitters and portable digital thermometers.

  • Complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers
  • Thermocouples of precious as well as base material
  • Standard and custom designed temperature sensors of high quality for all kind of solutions and applications
  • Standard products are fully documented and for customer specified sensors, we make product specifications, detailed construction and customer drawings

Unique selection system

Based on long-standing experience with development, production and sales of FP industrial temperature sensors, AMETEK Calibration Instruments has worked out a unique selection system facilitating the work when ordering temperature sensors - and at the same time ensuring you the optimal choice. The system can handle several million types without sacrifice of clarity. Only 51 "spec sheets" and the "Sensor Guide" now enable the user to design and adapt the sensor, which is best suited to the application.

Customized RTD´s and Thermocouplse for OEM´s

Based on As it is our objective to be a company specialized in temperature measurement, with a high know-how and service level, AMETEK Calibration Instruments can provide much more than just standard sensors and assemblies. Our long experience, developing and producing industrial temperature sensor, provides us with a wide knowledge about applications and customer needs, enabling us to build and deliver quick and custom-designed quality temperature sensors for all kinds of solutions and applications no matter what industry.