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UAN No: 111-372-372


Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters:

Dynasonics offers a full line of transit time ultrasonic flow meters to satisfy a variety of customer applications. The TFX family of products features non-invasive meters designed to provide superb accuracy and response characteristics for measuring clean liquids.

Series TFX Ultra™ – Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Meter for Liquids

TFX Ultra ultrasonic flow and energy meters clamp onto the outside of pipes and do not contact the internal liquid. The technology has inherent advantages over alternate devices including: low-cost installation, no pressure head loss, no moving parts to maintain or replace, no fluid compatibility issue, and a large, bi-directional measuring range that ensures reliable readings even at very low and high flow rates. TFX Ultra is available in a variety of configurations that permit the user to select a meter with features suitable to meet particular application requirements.

Series TFXL – Non-Invasive Small-Pipe Flow Meter

Series TFXL is an ultrasonic flow meter that clamps on to the outside of a pipe. It is designed to replace mechanical flow meters in applications where liquid conditions tend to damage or impede mechanical flow meter operation. Installation of the TFXL is cost effective and the meter requires no maintenance. The unit may be ordered with or without a local display. All meters provide two flow rate outputs: 4-20 mA analog and simulated turbine meter frequency, permitting the product to be interfaced with a variety of monitoring equipment.

Series TFXP – Portable Flow Meter

Series TFXP Portable Transit Time Flow Meters feature the world's most advanced non-invasive flow measurement technology – providing a measuring system with unsurpassed accuracy, ease of installation and dependability. Although designed primarily for cleaner liquids, the flow meter operates reliably with greater amounts of suspended solids or aeration than previous transit time ultrasonic flow meters were capable of measuring. TFXP is designed for long- or short-term measurement flow surveys on full-pipe liquid systems and is ideal for verifying calibration of permanently mounted flow meters of all types.

Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters:

Series DFX Flow Meter

Series DFX Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meters measure flow of liquids that contain useful sonic reflectors1suspended within the liquid. The DFX flow meter operates by transmitting an ultrasonic sound from its transmitting transducer through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid. The sound will be reflected by the the reflectors and recorded by the receiving transducer. The clamp-on style transducer is also available in small pipe and high temperature options. The DFX also offers an insertion probe transducer for pipe systems that do not permit ultrasound penetration.

Series UFX Hand-held Flow Meter

Series UFX Doppler Flow Meters provide accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed pipe, liquid systems. UFX requires that the liquid be either solids-bearing or aerated at a minimum of 100 ppm. The product utilizes a single, hand-held transducer which is placed on the outside of metal or plastic pipe. Within seconds after placing the transducer, the large LCD will provide a velocity reading in either FPS (feet per second) or MPS (meters per second). The UFX comes with a flow calculator/slide chart for conversion of velocity measurements to popular volumetric measurements.

Series 902 Portable

Series 902 offers our enhanced Doppler technology in a portable case designed for rugged field use. The rechargeable battery housed inside the 902 enclosure provides a full eight hours of continuous operation. The standard configuration provides everything necessary to measure flow in pipes ranging from 1 to 120 inches (25 to 3050 mm). An optional small pipe transducer can be applied to pipes from 0.125 to 1 inch (3 to 25 mm).

Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meters:

FUSION® – Compact, In-line Flow Meter

Dynasonics hybrid ultrasonic flow meters utilize both Doppler and transit time sound techniques and automatically select the correct technology to calculate the flow rate. This dual technology provides an accurate measurement of the volumetric flow of clean, solids-bearing or gaseous liquids on full pipes. Adverse flow conditions - surges, particulate, gas pockets, etc. - will not clog, damage or influence accuracy of the "flow-through" meter design