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UAN No: 111-372-372

Email: info@eragroup.com.pk

Long Span Shelving System:

Medium Duty Storage solution:-

LS500 long span racking system, designed for medium duty storage, has 50mm wide C- profile upright with twin lug holes punched at 50mm vertical pitch.

LS500 BEAMS are welded to 3-lug end connector and comes in 2 different designed for various load requirement. Designed with factor of 1:1.65, the beam load capacities are based on deflection ration of span/200

Manufacture using only high tensile steel, the LS500racking system is designed for medium duty storage of between 500Kg to 1,200Kgs UDL on a shelf level of 2460mm span; a performance not possible with other light duty shelving systems.


The LS500 system is suitable for industries/business that fall into following characteristic:

» Hand- Loaded storage

The LS500 system is intended for hand loaded storage method, whereby products stored are placed on to the beams or shelves and picked from manually.

» Medium-Duty Storage

For strong of product' weight NOT MORE THAN 1,000Kgs.

» Storage & Display Equipment

The LS500 system can be designed and used as strange/display equipment for retail industries.


1. Upright & Frame

Frame Depth 600/900/1200mm
Frame Height 10,000mm(H) or Maximum frame load applied
Frame Load Up to 5,000Kgs

2. Beam Length & Load

Loading Per Level (UDL) Up to 2,000kgs( subject to selected beam length)
Standard clear Entry 1240/1550/1850/2150/2460/2700mm*(special length maybe requested but subjected to our D&E approval


1. Versatile:

Profiles design that suit different type of business &industries.

2. Multiple usage and application:

Suitable for storage of carton box, documents, plastic bins and small component parts.

3. Increase storage capacity:

Enabling user enjoy increase storage capacity without incurring extra investment in material handling equipment such as forklift.

4. High Durability& Affordability:

With maintenance free and minimum investment, LS500 system could give storage solution that at par with heavy-duty racking system.

5. Customizable:

It is individual modular unit that could install with carton-flow system.


A few businesses or industries that could benefit via using this system are such as.

» Office (Archive storage)
» Retail & wholesale (storage & Display)
» Distribution center with manual handling & order processing

Warehouse for record managements electronic parts small & medium Parts.

In addition serving as a simple storage rack there are also wide varieties of accessories that could be bolt-on to the system to suit for different warehouse and storage application;

Enclosing Options:

1- Side & Netting

This are to ensure goods do not falls out from the rack yet allowing maximum visibility and air circulation inside the storage areas. Shelve Decking Options:

Shelving Decking Options:

1- Plywood with center Support

Different thickness of plywood could be used based on requirement . these are the most commonly selected option for storage of dry & heavy items.

2- Fiberboard shelf with Divider:

This application is well-suited for storing of a few light weight items or different variety of components in the allocated strong location in 1 shelf with divider separating in between.

3- Wire Mash Decking:

Selection for this type of application will allow higher visibility and water penetration for fire safety.

Enclosing Options:

1- Side & Back steel Panel

This application enables higher privacy & security on items stored as the whole rack with steel sheet.

Shelving Decking Options:

1- Steel Decking Panel:

This application could withstand higher durability and maximum exposure to moist or water without worrying on rust problem.

2- Steel shelve:

Another invitation of my star which enable boltless shelving system to be clip onto the Longspan system without hassle.

3- Perforated Steel Shelve with free Standing Divider:

Perforated shelve with free standing divider can also be used in the Ls500 Longspan system as well.