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UAN No: 111-372-372



Suitable of all kids of goods, my star high load bearing mesh pallets are designed and manufacture for high stacking.
These Mesh Pallets increase your Storage capacity when filled with goods and stacked high up .it help save you space when not in use-in folded position.
On return trips these collapsible containers help save space and freight cost.
The strong steel base are hot dipped galvanized to last many years of productive use while the doors can be designed to open fully or midway.


The star Stocky Palletainers are a amazingly simple but a most effective storage system. Used extensively in various types of industry these palletainers which are stock able and nest able, optimize the storage capacity especially in cold storage facilities, thus lowering the cost of operation.
Custom designed to your requirements, it can be used with palletized goods sacks, cartons or bags.

My star standard range of stocky mesh pallet. Other size available on requests.

Model Width(mm) Depth(mm) Height(mm) Capacity (Kg)
Stocky 3 600 800 640 800
Stocky 5 800 1000 840 1200
Stocky 7 1000 1200 890 1500