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Era Racking System

Selective Pallet Racking System:

Selective Pallet Racking System provides efficient use of storage space for palletized loads. With a wide range of options and components available, the system can be tailor - made to meet your precise needs. Era racking system can be designed to accommodate loads in various forms and shapes, weight and dimensions depending on pallet weight, size and beam levels.
The advantages of selective Racking System

  • 100% Selectivity
  • Reduction in goods damage
  • First-in First Out (FiFO) operation
  • Multi product locations
  • High visibility of goods stored

Drive-in Racking System:

Simply can't be stocked on to of each other. It is yet another solution to optimize where house space maximizing storage capacity and reducing the number of working aisle. Drive in racking system is ideal for the storage of homogenous product and in application where goods are dispatched in batches. In designing Drive in racking system special emphasis in the selection of the appropriate upright and other support structure in essential. Upright protector and frame protector are standard safely equipment rather than optional.

Double Deep Pallet Racking System:

Double Deep Racking stores two pallets deep, or four pallets deep in a double entry rack. Double entry racks reduce the aisle to rack ratio but also reduces pallet selectivity, increasing storage density.

50% immediate pallet access provides reasonable stock rotation on a FILO (First In Last Out) basis and makes good use of all available locations. This system is best used when each SKU has several pallets.

The system requires the use of a special reach truck with either dual pantograph or slide fork attachments. Truck lift heights are limited by load to about 9 meters.

Multi-Tier Racking Systems:

Prestar heavy duty racking components, Multi-tier racking system can be designed to maximize available ceiling height. This is the fastest way to add extra floor space within the building area constraints. It gives you additional shelf locations instantly.

Structural steel staircase loading gates and safety hand rails are all custom designed and fabricated according to the shape of the racking design.

Cantilever Racking Systems

Storage and retrieval of long item id best solved with cantilever Racking system .from heavy duty to medium duty to light duty, Prestar has the right design for you needs.

Suitable for timber, metal and plastic products

  • Plywood, fiber board ,wood products
  • Steel pipes, steel rods or hollow sections
  • copper tubes, aluminum extrusions, electrical trunking
  • PVC pipes, long plastic extrusions.

Long Span Shelving System:

Medium Duty Storage solution:-

LS500 long span racking system, designed for medium duty storage, has 50mm wide C- profile upright with twin lug holes punched at 50mm vertical pitch.

LS500 BEAMS are welded to 3-lug end connector and comes in 2 different designed for various load requirement. Designed with factor of 1:1.65, the beam load capacities are based on deflection ration of span/200.

Manufacture using only high tensile steel, the LS500racking system is designed for medium duty storage of between 500Kg to 1,200Kgs UDL on a shelf level of 2460mm span; a performance not possible with other light duty shelving systems.


Light Duty Storage Solution Designed with Structural steel supports, the BS400 multi –tier racking system is suitable for large volume storage of small parts particularly in the automotive electronic, and hardware retail industries.

  • Modular Clip –fit assembly system
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Complete with a wide range of accessories
  • Economical
  • High Quality Epoxy Powder coating finish
  • Ideal for warehouse, store, plant and office


Suitable of all kids of goods, my star high load bearing mesh pallets are designed and manufacture for high stacking.

These Mesh Pallets increase your Storage capacity when filled with goods and stacked high up .it help save you space when not in use-in folded position.

On return trips these collapsible containers help save space and freight cost. The strong steel base are hot dipped galvanized to last many years of productive use while the doors can be designed to open fully or midway.

The star Stocky Palletainers are a amazingly simple but a most effective storage system. Used extensively in various types of industry these palletainers which are stock able and nest able, optimize the storage capacity especially in cold storage facilities, thus lowering the cost of operation.

Custom designed to your requirements, it can be used with palletized goods sacks, cartons or bags.

Model Width(mm) Depth(mm) Height(mm) Capacity (Kg)
Stocky 3 600 800 640 800
Stocky 5 800 1000 840 1200
Stocky 7 1000 1200 890 1500