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ERA Group is proudly providing services after sales to the different sectors of the Industry:

  • Racking System Maintenance – Under the OH&S Act
  • ERA Lab – Preventative Maintenance & Calibration and Installation
  • Material Handling Equipment Accessories: Batteries, Wheels, and other major accessories of MHE.
  • After Sales Services - To our existing client.

ERA Lab - Preventative Maintenance & Calibration and Installation:

ERA LAB's Calibration isn't a service contract—our nationwide service departments take care of all repairs. ERA LAB provides on-site maintenance and calibration service, available on a regular schedule, for your test instruments. Wherever you are located, it is a practical, cost-effective way to make sure your instruments maintain proper working performance. The Team of highly-qualified, trained technicians evaluates each individual machine's conformity to applicable industry standards.

Our technicians are equipped with a set of procedures to sustain your equipment's peak performance throughout its lifetime. A detailed checklist of tasks is carefully executed, the results of which are delivered to you.
Instruments in your facility will be calibrated using industry-wide, internationally-recognized (NIST, etc.) standards. The machine is then labeled and documented with ERA Group calibration record. All calibration records are maintained in ERA's own database, and copies are furnished to you following each visit as well as upon request. Through this system of scheduled maintenance, TEAM ERA can help you improve productivity by reducing the need for service calls, thus reducing downtime.
Era Automation provides the cost effective services and parts management of warehousing equipment product range. We provide the services of complete range of Battery operated Forklift Trucks, Reach Trucks, Pedestrian Stacker, Power Pallet and Hand pallet Truck at the most competitive rates in the industry to ensure you maximum value for your investment and the lowest cost of ownership. The most regularly proposed types of contract are as follows:

  • The maintenance contract, which includes the maintenance tasks recommended in the maintenance manual (except for the daily service checks), and particularly includes the oil changes and filter replacements.

  • The Full Service contract, which covers all maintenance and repair operations throughout the duration of the contract, except for the daily service checks which are carried out by the operator.
Under the OH&S Act (Occupational Health & Safety Act) Racking Systems must be inspected and maintained. This maintenance will help you avoid costly accidents, prosecutions and fines, and demonstrate due diligence also to inspect the defects ranging from V1 to V4. You'll also gain experience with recognizing general rack hazards and risk damage; gauging the severity of damage; identifying key areas to check when inspecting racks; and understanding rack modifications and the need for pre-start reviews (PSRs).

TEAM ERA provides the complete design of your warehouse solution and the local installation of Prestar Racking System under the supervision of Prestar's certified engineers.

Comprehensive Report

After our visit we will submit a comprehensive report with records the condition of your Racking System:

  • Identification of any damaged items that may need repair or replacement.
  • Our experienced opinion on any problems that may be apparent.
  • Specific recommendations on how to solve these problems to maintain its high performance.